Thursday, April 9, 2009

from Facebook

So I've been on Facebook for about 5 months now and have had a blast reconnecting with friends from my past. We write on eachothers' walls, we "poke" eachother, we can do private email messages through facebook, post pictures, etc. On top of all that, there's all these different things that get sent out that help us get to know eachother better in more personal and deeper ways. One of these things is called: 25 Random Things About Me... So for lack of creativity in knowing what to blog about, I figured I'd post my 25 random things list. Here it is...

1.) I love watching DIY & HGTV when I get the chance; learning "how to's" keeps me inspired.

2.) I've celebrated my 29th birthday 16 times! (just kidding) I believe I'm only as old as I feel...

3.) I have lived in 6 different states - Washington (multiple X- Southern and Northern); Oregon; Alaska; Florida (P'cola 3 X & Jacksonville once); Maine; Texas (2 X) With my husband in the military, we've back and forth the U.S. like human yo-yo's. P'cola area feels most like "home".

4.) Right after I turned 40, I got a tattoo on the top of my right foot. (it's a cross)

5.) I have two mother's rings with my kids' birthstones- one on my finger, and the other through my belly button.

6.) I hide chocolate in my sock drawer.

7.) I'm a huge SURVIVOR fan... have applied 9 times (and counting) to be on the show! ...still waiting to get "my call".

8.) I'm a "list person"... any given day I have at least 3 lists going.

9.) I say a breath prayer for road kill when I see it.

10.) I love wearing Chuck Taylor Converse on my feet... the wilder the better.

11.) Whenever I have a nightmare, it always has a snake in it.

12.) My best night time dreams: I am flying (like a swimming motion in the air).

13.) I consider myself an oxymoron (not a OXYMORON!)... smalltown city gal; functionally dysfunctional; a young old person; a less is more gal; an organized messy person... etc.

14.) I've held a number of jobs... bean picker; Lifeguard/Swim Instructor; WA State Senate Page; Gift-wrapper for Mervyns; Retail Sales and Management; and LOTS of volunteer work over the past 15 years.

15.) I met Willie Nelson in the Houston airport and spoke to him briefly.

16.) I'm an avid dreamer & goalsetter and have experienced many dreams come true. I wouldn't get anything accomplished if I didn't dream and goalset! (check out my 2009 goals)

17.) I have a "Bucket List"...

18.) I make a KILLER iced coffee and indulge most afternoons; it's my afternoon "wake-up juice"!

19.) I get an adrenaline rush when I go to antique auctions, antique shops, flea markets, etc. ... someday I dream to own a guest house (off my main house) that I can decorate with my antiques I've collected over the years.

20.) I'm a great listener.

21.) I enjoy sparking random conversation with complete strangers in the WalMart checkout line (or any long checkout line for that matter!) I've heard life stories in a matter of 10 minutes!

22.) The most memorable trip I'd want to have a "do-over" on, was a Carnival Cruise I took with just my sister, Traci, and brother, Curtis in 2002... a "Sibling Bonding" vacation. TOO much fun!

23.) I enjoy refurbishing furniture that has been neglected.

24.) By nature I am a problem solver; I want fix things that appear broken... this character trait has gotten me in trouble.

25.) Faith, Family, and my Friends are priorities in my life... nothing else really matters.

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