Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Year at a Glance

2013  In all honesty, this year was a blur of busyness and challenges. But through it all, there were many blessings along the way that we are thankful for.

After being offered his new job with FedEx in late August 2012,  we waited "patiently" for Kirk to get his class date to begin training.  September passed- no call to start, October passed- no call, November passed- no call... December, no call...   It was nice having him home for all this time since we worked on our "fixer upper" projects and also a true blessing we had built our savings account for such a time as this to live off of while he wasn't working, but I must confess, the waiting got harder and harder with each passing month. THEN in January 2013 Kirk got the call to start his FedEx class date for training in early February to fly the B757.  He found a crashpad to rent in Cordova, TN with three other FedEx pilots and began this new chapter of the flying career he always dreamed of.  It was at this point in time, our life became a blur for the rest of the year.  Our family had to adjust to Kirk commuting back and forth between TN and TX with him spending more time in TN than at home in TX. 

To start the New Year off right, Jessie and I ran our first 5K race together.
"Color Me Rad"
Kirk completes his flight training with FedEx and takes a "selfie" during one of his first trips in April. his dream!
Kelsie, our Lee University student (Cleveland, TN), finished her 2nd year of college in May. She spent time over the summer in Columbia with other Lee students focusing on her Spanish and cultural studies.  Kelsie is currently in her third year at Lee.
 (above) Kelsie speaks at a church while in Columbia.
... she enjoys her "fro-yo"
 Kelsie places 2nd in Ho-am Form in Taekwondo completion through Lee University.
Andrew swims  (Junior year in High School) making it to Regional competition.
 He was named MVP for his High School boy's Swim Team.
Andrew worked a summer job for the city as a life guard and used much of his money he earned to buy an electric guitar and music equipment.  Andrew's passion for pop punk is growing day by day.
...Andrew's still into skateboarding as well.  He is currently a Senior in High School.
Jessie participates in Ballet Folkorico through her school for her 3rd year as a 5th grader. 
Jessie broke her wrist falling off her bike several days before her birthday...
... after 2 weeks with a temporary cast and 6 weeks with this pink cast, Jessie finally gets it taken off!  Jessie is currently a 6th grader.
Joe turned 9 this year while we were visiting OR.  He got to have a celebration at Grandma and Grandpa Wymore's house in Hood River and another when we got home to TX.
(wet hair after a shower)
Since Joe enjoys WWE, we went to see our first WWE show for a late birthday gift.  Joe is currently a 4th grader.

More Fun Run 5K's... with Jessie and this time Joe joined us!

 (above) Our London ISD school 5K PTO fund raiser. 
 "Neon Vibe" (glow in the dark) 5K
Since Jessie's wrist was broke during our scheduled 5K, we walked the race so she could still participate without re-injuring her wrist.  Jessie's friend Abby also joined us for the race.
SUMMER~ We made a trip back home to WA and OR!
We visited Kirk's parents in Hood River, OR
and my parents in Castle Rock, WA.
 Jessie thought it was very cool to be in different locations the "Twilight" movies were filmed.  The split screen above shows Jessie at the same school that Bella and Edward filmed some of their school scenes.  Below, this waterfall was also in the movie.
We hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls!!!
We helped my Mom and Dad (Jerry and Jerielle)
celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary by throwing them a surprise party.

Mom is a huge Elvis fan and the kids enjoy seeing her Elvis collection she's accumulated over the years... the collection is mostly in 4 rooms of mom and dad's house, but each room in the house is not void of "something" Elvis.

 Me, Curtis (my brother), Traci (my sister)
Jerielle (my Mom) and Jerry (my Dad)... all who still live in WA state.
I love you guys!!! 
When we visited WA/OR, I got to visit my high school girl friends I've kept in close contact with- Shelley, Peggy and Margie... we all turn 50 years old this upcoming year!  YIKES! 
 ...we had a great time spending the night at Margie's family cabin with the beautiful view of Mount Adams (WA) in the background.  Nothing like a gal-pal sleep over to catch up with old friends.
Kirk and Teri~
 This year, Kirk and I celebrated 30 years of being together and our 25 year wedding anniversary!  On June 25, 1983 we had our first date; we dated 5 years and got married July 16, 1988.  The 1983 photo was taken a month after we started dating and I had one of the kids take a quick photo of us a week before our anniversary as Kirk headed out the door to leave for Memphis since he was going to miss our actual anniversary day because of work.
A sweet gift Kelsie and Joe made. 
There are rice krispie treats in the foil kisses.
Our fixer upper house continues to consume much of our time.  For me, being a DIYer is a full time job.  I work on the house while the kids are at school, and when Kirk is home on his time off from flying, we work on the house together.  In 2013, we focused on the exterior of the house, finishing the front porch, and beginning taking down the vinyl siding replacing it with fiber cement siding.  The laundry room also got demo'ed and updated, making the interior of this house officially complete.  {click THIS LINK for all the home renovation pictures I've posted so far} We will have our home all the way complete to sell in March.  So far 4 different inquiries have been made to us about purchasing this house with two of the inquiries being very serious.  One inquiry is a couple who own all the farm property around us and really want to buy the house. They are very sweet people who make frequent follow-ups; when ever they drive down our country road, they stop by to say "hi" and check in on, "are you still planning to move"... "let us know when you are ready to sell".  The other serious inquiry is a family who are both teachers at the same school our kids attend just .5 miles down the country road.  We prayed for God to bring us a London family with children for this house, and we believe He brought us the Lockett family.  As it is,  they are living in their motor home looking for a house with a little land that fits in their budget.  Our house is on 2 acres and will be the lowest priced house in the London ISD.  The average priced home on the market in London ISD is $375,000-$425,000 (average) with a number of homes $500,000-$650,000 on 1 acre lots.  Come March time frame when the house is completed, the Lockett family will have the first right of refusal for purchasing this house.   They are in a good position to move right in when the time comes. Only God knows how the sale of our house will unfold, but we are confident what ever happens, this house will sell fast. 

Andrew, Joe, Jessie, and Kelsie on Christmas morning.
As this photo was taken, Dad (Kirk) sits in Memphis and misses celebrating Christmas morning with us this year.
Kelsie's college room mate, Emily, flew down on a oneway ticket for a visit to end our year.  Kelsie and Emily left to drive back to TN on Jan 6th for the start of their second semester at Lee.
With 2013 now behind us, we look forward to all that 2014 has to bring which will include a move to another state once Andrew graduates this spring from high school.  There will be many new adventures ahead~