Friday, February 15, 2013

Admit, Commit, and Drop~
SSMT verse #4

I have recently been struggling with a couple specific areas in my life that have truly hindered my well being and left me feeling frustrated and defeated.  I tell myself "I'll be o.k... I can expose myself to these areas as long as I practice moderation and resist the temptation to fall into the trap of over indulgence".  Sadly, I have not done this. 

God word tells me to confess your [my] sins to each other and pray for each other so that you [I] may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)  I am confessing my areas and asking any prayer warriors reading this post to pray for me to break the pattern of over indulgence in these two specific areas and to repent from the sin that results~

First, I spend too much time reading FaceBook which initiates mixed feeling thoughts of a small group of people's actions/behavior; most of the people my "mixed feeling" thoughts are toward I don't even really know except through FaceBook. I spend about 60-90 minutes a day (accumulative) on this social network site, but then I fall into the trap of filling my mind through the day (many hours worth) of things people posted.  We live in a society of people who are narcissistic, self centered, and have a desperate need for attention and approval of others and this is the area that I am frustrated about; FaceBook is a breeding ground for this behavior. It causes me sadness to see constant posts from people who fit this catagory; I take it as an opportunity to pray for these people.  I wonder, am I also posting things that are narcisstic, self centered, or a need for attention and approval of others?  Yet, even though I know the time I spend on this website could be used for more productive things, I continue, thinking I see a lot of good things on FaceBook that encourages me.  Why does the bad stuff consume my thoughts and lead me astray in my thought life? I enjoy FaceBook for the purpose of keeping in touch with friends and family, many of who are long distance from where I live. I like seeing their family photos and keeping in touch with what's going on in their lives. For this reason, FaceBook is good and I will miss the connection I get in this way. 

Second, I struggle with over eating chocolate candy which results in unhealthy, high empty calorie consumption.  I've  always loved chocolate candy since my youth and have had many binges in this area!  I suppose a person like myself who comes from addictive behavior genetics, chocolate isn't a bad thing to be addicted to when you consider some of the alternatives.  But no matter the temporary comfort I receive from eating chocolate candy, it's false, not healthy and leaves me with the feeling of shame and remorse. I try to exercise portion control, but I fool myself and one piece results in a spiral of an all or noting attitude; 1 piece of candy ends up being 20+ pieces of candy; one candy bar ends up being 6 candy bars. This is not good for my physical body or a way to honor God spiritually. I recognize, to some extent, chocolate candy has turned into a false god.  May sound silly, but for me is true.

I have selected my memory verse for Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT) Verse #4 from Hebrews.  This verse is God's loving encouragement to me to put these things out of my life... these things that keep me from what I should be doing (NLV) or like the Voice translation states, I am to drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to me and slackens my pace, the run that God has set before me. Thinking about it, why would I want these things in my way to slow me down... to weight me down in my long race called life?

As someone who has recently started running for exercise, this verse speaks to me on so many levels!

All these many people who have had faith in God are around us like a cloud. Let us put every thing out of our lives that keeps us from doing what we should. Let us keep running in the race that God has planned for us. 
Hebrews 12:1  New Life Version (NLV)  

...let us drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to us and slackens our pace,and let us run with endurance the long race set before us. (The Voice Translation)

Lord, help me live out this verse! Going forward today, I want to let go of these things that hold me back, so that I can focus on doing what I should... focus on You!  I pray this in your holy name, Jesus, Amen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would run a 5K race (3.1 miles) just a handful of weeks after the new year, I would have NOT believed you and would have thought you were talking about someone else.  I would have thought, "me???  ...a 5K?... at my age... are you kidding, my body is too out of shape... No way!"

Well, fast forward 6 months, and I say, "YES, WAY!"

Six months ago, I got a smart phone and with it was introduced to the wonderful world of "apps".  Among my first two phone apps I installed was MyFitnessPal (a calorie journal and social media place for accountability) and RunKeeper.  I originally wanted RunKeeper as a way to GPS my walking activity so I knew how many calories I was burning if I decided to exercise (walking has typically been my exercise of choice).  But when I looked over the app, there was a real neat selection of training programs to choose from, so I decided to choose the simplest looking program called Beginner 5K.  I liked the idea of having an exercise program all mapped out for me and the workout reminders sent on the day of workouts were also a bonus. I didn't even know what a 5K was when I chose this program, I just knew the training started me off slow and would build my endurance over time.  I began the 8 week Beginner 5K training program just 4 months ago, in October 2012, as a very out of shape girl who could barely catch her breathe after jogging 100 yards.  It was about the second or third day of training I heard about the Color Me Rad 5K that would be coming to my city in early February raising money for our local Ronald McDonald House charity.  Something inside me clicked and I knew I needed to participate in this race to keep me motivated to stick with the training.  Having this 5K goal to strive for kept me committed and accountable.

After I officially registered, I began getting more and more excited about Color Me Rad 5K.  I loved the sound of this race where the participants get "color bombed" with bright colored powder (corn starch) randomly through the race and at the finish line.  Participants can run, jog, or walk, whatever they choose.  The main thing was to just do get out there and have fun.  I figured if I died while trying to finish this race, at least I'd have some fun doing it.  As my Beginner 5K training ended it's 8 week time frame in the middle of December, I continued on my own to train over the month of January in preparation for Color Me Rad.

I didn't want to go it alone, so I also registered my 11 year old daughter, Jessie, to join me and also invited others from our school district to join in on the fun.  Jessie and I ran the race together as a mom and daughter bonding time and we actually jogged a nice slow pace (11.5 minute mile) finishing the entire 3.1 miles without stopping to walk! This accomplishment was to both our surprise since neither one of us had ever endured this distance non stop before!
Thousands of people getting ready for the race on this beautiful 75 degree Saturday morning.

Jessie and I open our first color packets to officially get the party started!

We jogged side by side nearly the entire race, but when Jessie saw the finish line, she started to sprint because she was so tired and just wanted it to be over.  (Jessie yellow circle in front, I'm right behind her)
YES!  passing through the finish line!!!
One cool, RAD, girl!

We had had such a great time... we can't wait to do it again next year!!!
Now that I've completed my first 5K, I'm addicted to 5K runs that have a twist of fun.  I'm amazed at how many are out there and am filling my calendar with other fun races through the year to stay motivated, to stay fit, and to support local charities through the fund raising efforts of 5K sponsors.  I'm a firm believer, that if I can do a 5K, anyone can!

(promo video to see the fun of a Color Me Rad 5K!)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


of the unknown!  The unknown effects everybody, but whether or not we let it cause any fear is a choice we make.

I have a number of fears (snakes, big spiders, hospitals, just to name a few), but the one that has gotten me lately in life is my fear of the unknown location we'll end up living.  My husband has recently started a new job, and over this year, 2013, we are in prayer about whether or not we should move to a different region in the country or stay put right where we are.  This decision is big for us, because we are determined that when and if we move, it will be our last move, and if we stay, we stay for good!  We desire so badly to settle in a location and put down deep roots, develop deep friendships we don't sever, and plant ourself into our chosen community in a deep way; something that has been hard to do over the course of Kirk's military career (moving over 7 regions in the US / 15 different addresses in 20 years).

The fear plays in through the different factors we must consider in making the right decision for our family... the well being of our children (education, safety and crime rate, etc.), living closer to extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), climate changes to adjust to, financial affordability of the location, and overall quality of life.

Through this next year as we live with our unknown future living location, God is reminding me not to be anxious and do not fear the unknown. He reminds me of His constant faithfulness in our life and how He always provides for us. I have selected my SSMT Verse #3 to help me remember God has my back.  As I abide in Him, He will strengthen and help me; as we pray for direction, He will make our way clear... I have no reason to fear~

Do not fear,
for I am with you;
do not be dismayed,
for I am your God.
I will strengthen you
and help you;
I will uphold you with
my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)