Monday, April 27, 2009

My parents in town for a visit this week...

This past week has been totally CRAZY busy... but very GOOD! My parents have been in Corpus Christi for a week from Washington State (over 2000 miles away). They arrived in San Antonio, Texas last Tuesday. I met up with them for some fun in San Antonio before we headed south to Corpus. Mom and Dad will be on their way back to Washington tomorrow. We have kept very busy hanging out visiting and doing touristy things. I've enjoyed their visit and we've had a fun time, but I'm a bit backed up on laundry and housework; what's new? As I take my parents back to the San Antonio International Airport tomorrow to drop them off, my sister, Traci will be arriving in on a flight for a two week visit to Texas. She's mixing business with pleasure on her trip down this way from WA state as Traci will be job hunting while in Corpus Christi.

Here are some pictures of my parents
and their week in Texas!

Mom and Dad in San Antonio on The River Walk

The Alamo (Mom and Dad amidst the people!)

NAS Corpus Christi ~ The Trainer Aircraft my husband, Kirk flys
as a Navy Instructor for VT-35

Joe, Kirk, & Teri (me)

Sitting in the cockpit of the TC-12

Back in our back yard~ Dad's enjoying the sun!
"Did you put your sun block on" I asked?

Dad didn't put sunblock on his body one day out by the pool!
Lesson learned, for sure... MUST have sunblock!!!

The USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier in Corpus Christi, Texas

On top of the Flight Deck
of the USS Lexington

...At the beach, Corpus Christi/Padre Island~
the Gulf of Mexico.

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