Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All dressed up...

...with somewhere actually to go! My husband, Kirk (the handsome bald man below!), is a pilot in the US Navy. We just attended his squadron's Change of Command dinner celebration this past week. Several times through the year, Kirk and I get dressed up fancy for special military events like this one... not usually my comfort zone as I'm more a casual gal in jeans, t-shirt, and Chuck Taylors on my feet.

I do have to admit, I had fun getting fancied up in my simple black dress with my grandmother's vintage rhinestone necklace, bracelet, and vintage rhinestone buttons I replaced on the dress from one of my grandmother's jackets (all from the 1940's)... I even sported a vintage silver beaded purse (I purchased at an antique shop). I felt special with my "bling, bling", my handsome date and the traditions that go along with a Navy Change of Command. We had a great dinner, too!

My Grandma Beaudry loved to look pretty and had
collected a lot of beautiful costume jewelry over the years. When Grandma passed away in 1988, my mom (an only child) shared many of the "pretties" with me. I have had lots of fun dressing up with all the different bling bling on special occasions. I know my Grandma is smiling down from heaven that I am enjoying her "pretties".

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Wils said...

Beautiful Bling girl! Mum has some pieces of rhinestone too and I love it! You two cut quite a picture don't you!

I have a fluffy chick here all ready and waiting for you... but don't know where to send it? If you like, email me a postal point for you - I've stuck a (pretty spamfilled old) email address on my blog under the chicks.