Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekly Memory Verse

One of my commitments for the year to "Invest in my... WALK WITH THE LORD" is to memorize a new Scripture verse each week. As I learn each verse in my mind, they will penetrate in my heart, and I will focus on "living" them in my actions and everyday life.
Thank you, Lord, for your Word, encouragement, and direction!
This is my third verse for the year... Jan.21-27, 2009

Therefore I tell you,
whatever you ask for in prayer,
believe that you have received it,
and it will be yours.


Wils said...

Hi Teri, nice blog and good for you for memorizing scripture. I meet with a group of girls in the "Good Book Club" and we've just started to do the same... two girls shared this week how much strength they'd drawn from Joshua 1:9 - the verse for last week.

Wils said...

Hey if this is you "new" to blogging... well done! I've linked to your blog from mine - I hope you don't mind - but if you do, just say and I'll remove the link.


Teri said...

...Wils, I don't mind, Thanks! I look forward to following your blog; we have a number of common interests. It's fun to meet new interesting people like yourself.
~Blessings to you!