Monday, January 12, 2009

Aspirations, Dreams,
and "To-Do" Lists

I have shared it before, and I'll share it again...

I seem to stay on track with my goals when I write them down. I'm really a scatter brain with out my list and spiral notebooks have become a prized possession around my house! On any given day I have anywhere from 2-4 different lists going...

For example- today, I have my grocery list so I can do my shopping tomorrow; my daily "to do list" - so I remember what needs to be done "today"; I have my monthly calendar hanging on the wall, to I can see at a glance the list of activities penciled in for the whole family; I have my daily list of every food item I put in my mouth so I can journal my food intake and be sure not to go over 1600 calories for the day (need to lose the weight I gained from the holidays!); I have my "Bucket List"; and I have my newest list for 2009... of my yearly aspirations and dreams.

These lists may seem a bit obsessive compulsive, but without them I would live my life stagnant, not moving forward to the best of my ability, or worse, I'd end up going backwards... wasting my time away.

When I write down my needs, passions, dreams, and desires, several things happen for me:

  • first- with a list, my natural forgetfulness is spurred with a "reminder" of what I need to do or want to to. I'm able to reflect on my written goals and dreams visualizing what I need to do to accomplish them and visualizing the victory of success throughout the process up to the point of experiencing the actual victory of accomplishment.
  • second- my list helps me be accountable to myself and help others hold me accountable.

  • third- my list allows me to experience visual victory as I'm able to accomplish those things listed by marking them off, celebrating the accomplishment, and moving on.
As I mentioned, my newest list is my 2009 Aspirations and Dreams list! I'm very excited about this list focused around 20 items in 09 different categories regarding ways I plan to INVEST myself for the year. I am a "FAMILY INVESTOR" after all! My 2009 aspirations seems like a big list, but I am determined to stretch myself to make things happen this upcoming year!

I didn't write out my dreams and goals for the year in 2008. Instead, I just kept them in my head thinking about them now and again. As I now reflect back on the year I feel a bit disappointed in myself. Although I did feel some victory with some accomplishments, I know I didn't live to my potential for the year and I wasted a lot of time being distracted (because I didn't have a list to follow!). This year I do have a list- posted publicly-to help me stay "on track".

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened”
(Gaelic unknown)
IN 2009, I don't want to "watch things happen", or "wonder what has happened"... I want to be the person that will "make things happen"!

Prayer: Lord I thank you that you have given me the gift of administration and that I can use it in simple ways for your glory in my everyday existence. Thank you that you are my biggest encourager and partner in all my endeavors (even as mundane as victory through my grocery list). I pray you help me experience complete freedom in following my lists and experience victory as items are accomplished on a daily basis, monthly basis, and for 2009. Thank you Lord that you plant passions in my soul, desires in my heart, and you direct my path. I will commit my plans to you that I may have success in all I do as I seek you each day! (Proverbs 16:3) Amen

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The Johnsons said...


You inspired me to get going on my goals for 2009. I'm a list person, too, and I've spent so much time "catching up" after Christmas, that I haven't actually written my new goals down yet. You've motivated me to get started with some great ideas. Thanks!