Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Never Ending!

"Mom!" I hear my child's voice yell from across the house, "I'm out of socks."

I yell back, "No you're not, there's some in the laundry basket."

As my child digs through the laundry basket half full of nothing but socks (looking for a "match"), guilt sinks in and I think to myself, "why have I allowed this basket to sit for three days?"

I quickly answer my own question... "I despise folding clothes, specifically, matching socks. It's a never ending job! I know I am not the only person out there that feels this way!

I have no problem getting the clothes gathered and sorted, pre-treated where needed, getting them in the washer, and even following through with getting them dried and in the laundry basket; but for some reason, most times, the clothes get stuck at this stage, sitting in the basket for a day, or two, OR THREE. I end up feeling guilty that I finally fold them and put them away... UGH!

Maybe deep down, I wait, letting the baskets sit, in hopes somebody else with fold them and the clothes will miraculously get neatly put away where they belong. This does happen on rare occasion when my older children are really motivated to earn their allowance for the week.

The thing is, just as one basket of clothes gets folded and put away, there's always one or two others behind it. It's never ending! Can ya'all relate?

So, as I sit here typing this blog, the guilt is setting in once again... I should be folding the laundry baskets of clean clothes that are cluttering around my table needing my attention. UGH!

I realize I can never catch up on
the laundry situation...
unless, of course, my family moves to
a nudist colony.


On the bright side... the spring and summer seasons will be here in a couple months and we'll be back in flip flops on our feet; the basket of unmatched socks will go away for a while. YEAH!!!!

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