Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!... (?)

O.K. I have to admit, this year hasn't started out quite like I'd hoped...

Let me back track a bit - My family and I spent the Christmas holidays in WA and OR states which was an awesome, fun time!!! We saw family we hadn't seen in years, we saw snow- LOTS OF SNOW!, and we were able to use our time in the Pacific Northwest to allow God to show us a few new things about ourselves as well as how we can better pray for our family members. We arrived back from our two week trip late night, Tuesday, December 30. We woke up December 31 in our own beds in the comfort of our own home to 80 degree weather. OH THAT WAS NICE! We all got up in the morning, said a family prayer and opened our Christmas gifts we had left behind under our undecorated Christmas tree (I was so busy prior to the trip, I never found the time to decorate it!). It was a good day, and great to be home! We brought in the New Year quietly, staying up just past midnight.

Our minds and hearts were set to begin 2009 full of energy and ambition. New Years Day started out with goals to unpack from our trip, take down Christmas decorations, and just enjoy being home. I worked on my *20*09* Blog and got it finished (to post later in the day on my "birthday time"). Our "Happy New Year" was starting out "happy".

Then it hit! ...head ache, body aches, sore joints in knees and ankles, a scratchy tickle in the throat, exhaustion... by the evening I was running a fever. By the next morning, 5 out of the 6 Wymore's were feeling like we couldn't move, body aches ALL OVER and every cough was like trying to cough up a lung. Kirk, Kelsie, Jessie, and Joe ALL also had "it". Andrew our 13 year old was the only one who wasn't sick. His mega doses of "AirBorne" paid off! Wished I had done that!

Here it is today, Monday, January 5, and we are all just now feeling better. Man, it sucks when a virus hits and knocks a person right off their feet for nearly a week! You might be wondering... does the Wymore family get flu shots? The answer is no, not all of us. Kirk is the only one of us that get a flu shot each year. The crazy thing is he's gotten the flu TWICE this year, and it's hit him worse than all of us both times... so much for a flu shot! Weird, huh?

OK now that I've vented about how sucky it is to start the New Year off sick, I'm going to Praise God for our answered prayers of restored health to us and for His faithfulness in restoring our energy and ambition! Today I have luggage to unpack, laundry to work on and Christmas decorations to begin taking down. Thank YOU Jesus, I can do ALL THINGS through You who gives me strength! and also help me know my limits not to over do it!


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