Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jessie turns 7 today!

Jessie's "Birth day"... October 15, 2001 (minutes old)

WOW! 7 years ago today our little
Jessica Caitlin Wymore
was born in Oak Harbor, WA

2008, Jessie, our sweet little 1st grader!
Corpus Christi, Texas

Prayer: Thank you Lord for this precious little gift you gave us. Jessie has been a true blessing to our family... our little angel girl. She has brought us much joy these past 7 years. Thank you! I pray that she grows to know you and love you with all her heart and soul as she matures into a young lady. Create in her a passion for your word that she may live her life for your divine purposes. Protect her from evil and guide her in all your ways. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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Suzanne said...

Hello I hope you dont mind a stranger leaving a comment, I was searching scrapbooking and arrived here. I hope Jessie had a happy birthday.

I enjoyed your post on grumpy people and I love what you wrote at the end.
Sending a smile and a wave back to you.