Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bathroom #1 - "Before"

We finished the kids' bedrooms and moved onto gutting the first of two bathrooms. This bathroom is the one closest to the master bedroom. Since this is an old house, the "master bedroom" does not actually have it's own bathroom within the room, but one just outside the door. This bathroom is 8'9" x 6'; we are taking the whole room down to the studs. The walls are not insulated and most of the drywall is cracking (a theme to this whole house!), taking the room down to the studs is necessary for our work to be done right. Here are the "BEFORE" pictures and our current work in process:

Close up pictures of the blue easter egg looking sink with the fixture all corroded and the nasty old caulking against the bold yellow wall.The previous owners has lots of bathroom throw rugs on the floor... ... we discovered the throw rugs were hiding crusty linoleum that was breaking away!
Yes... a leaking shower, getting the sub floor all wet under the crusty linoleum! As each layer of sub floor was peeled off, more water was discovered.
No wall insulation... Let's get rid of this vanity! First- I must disconnect the plumbing.A very small shower stall we will be replacing with a larger all tiled shower.

Steel wool is stuffed around the opening in the drywall to keep "critters" (like mice) out of the shower.

With any major renovation, comes major garbage! Thankfully we live in the country with no neighbors... otherwise we would have some neighbor complaints about our garbage I'm thinking. This pile took two trips to the dump (in the back of Kirk's truck) to clean up!
Kirk and Andrew getting a bathroom ceiling fan installed. There was none before and the steam from the shower created quite a steamy, humid mess in the space.

When I was telling my sister, Traci, that we were renovating one of the two bathrooms, I expressed the challenge of being down to one functioning bathroom and six people having to choreograph our "bathroom time". She chuckled when the reality hit her about all 6 of us sharing the bathroom for the several weeks the other bathroom is under construction. I assured her that I have equipped our functioning bathroom with a variety of air fresheners in case of a previous visitor's presence still lingering...

...take your pick!

Check back for "after" pictures (in about a month!)


sister sheri said...

Love all your before and after photos... you all are amazing.

Color me blingy! said...

That is some yellow you have there Missy! i recently hada lady purchase about 15 gallons of a color similar to that for the exterior of her home. I have a little phrase when dealing with a customer who likes those sort of bright obnoxious colors: "We don't pick 'em....we just make 'em." LOL! Looks like a lot of work but what beautiful results you have when all is said and done.

Alene said...

I love how you are capturing the before and after! Amazing. I think we should do this with our lives. LOL

It was a treat running into you over the weekend. Miss you!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh my goodness girl! You are one good sport...all that work!
Can't wait to see the finished room!.
So far only one of my roses has bloomed this year:(

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Teri, any chance you could be here for the anniversary party? What fun it would be:)