Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Renovation "BEFORE" & "AFTER"

Here are some of the "before" & "after" pictures we have to this point on our home renovations. We have completed three bedrooms (the kids' rooms) except for some detail decorating (window treatments and wall accessories) and are currently in the middle of a bathroom "gut job". We have done all the work ourselves on these projects (except for new window installation) and are getting to be experts at framing and drywall since we have taken each of these rooms down to the studs and had to make massive repairs.

Jessie and Joe's Room

Notice the window to the left with an air conditioner unit half covered by wood and the funky "pass through"? In the "after" photos, you'll notice they are both gone- drywalled in.

The air conditioner unit was in this window and had created lots of damage! Much more than we ever planned for!
We had to not only replace most of the wall, but also part of the rotten subfloor.
We felt like we were rebuilding this room!
We decided NOT to keep the window, framing it completely in so we could build a closet for the kids (this room originally had no closet). Thank you very much, I (Teri) single handedly framed, drywalled, and custom organized this closet. No more "pass through" or large window, making this space more functional and appealing.
Down with old dark wood panel...

up with new 1/2" dry wall, soft yellow paint and 5 1/2" base boards.

EWWWW! A combination of damage from moisture and pests on the old 1/4" drywall... it was all replaced!

All new everything!!!

Andrew's Room

"Before" "After"

Lots of cracks in the walls. This was above his closet. "Before" "After"... no more cracks and newly painted black closet doors.

"Before" "After" It's so nice to have new walls, fresh paint, and clean white doors and trim!

Kelsie's Room

Parts of the wall was damaged by previous moisture, critters, and age, that it was crumbling away...
In this "AFTER" picture, the area above the lamp was where the original "pass through" opening used to be.

What bold colors the previous owners selected! It was themed as a "john deer" room.
Out with the old... in with the new!

This mirrored closet door makes this small room (10 x 12) feel much bigger!
Where the book shelf is, there was a second door to the room which didn't make much sense. We closed it off, creating more usable wall space.

Practical closet organization!
Orange door frame & bold sponged painted walls...
to clean white and eye soothing "spring cactus" green walls.


Color me blingy! said...

Awesome! Lots of work but so, so woth it! You guys did a great job. Love the little red buckets on the shelf in the closet...nice decorator touch!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Well I love what I'm seeing!