Monday, July 19, 2010

"Summer" is Over...
Today is the First Day of School

When you have young children or are a teacher or employee of a school district, summer often seems to be defined by the time from the end of one school year to the beginning of the next. The time in between the two school years is your "summer".

Where my kids go to school, we have a very short "summer" of only 7 weeks. The kids attend a "year around school" where they go 6 weeks and have a week off; go 6 weeks, have a week off, etc. They get 3-4 weeks off for Christmas break, and at the end of the school year, they are given 7 weeks for "summer"- this is our school year. It seems like just yesterday (May 26) the kids were getting out, all excited for what fun was ahead... and, with a blink, our summer has slipped away, and we're beginning the "first day of school". Although I'm sad to see the kids' "summer" gone, I'm so excited for them as they begin a new adventure this 2010-2011 school year!

Andrew (Freshman) and Kelsie (Senior). They drove to school together so Kelsie could show Andrew around his new high school. We're so blessed they have each other and get along like best friends.

Jessie (3rd grade) and Joe (1st grade)

Joe is not too happy to be back at school. He kept saying "I have a stomach ache, I want to go home!" Kirk and I suggested he give it a try and that we are proud how brave he is.

Prayer~ Lord, keep these kids and all who attend their schools safe this school year. Help them stay focused on eternal things and guide them to make good choices through the year. Lord, I pray you give each child a spirit of excitement to learn, to grow their knowledge, and encourage them to be the best they possibly can be. Help us parents to be filled with the fruit of your spirit, loving, patient, kind, self controlled... when we deal the challenges that always seem to surface. Lord, give the teachers of our students discernment for each child's needs and bless them as they are such an important part of helping shape the lives of these young ones. Thank you Lord that you hear this prayer and will give our children your favor and blessing as we seek You this year. In Jesus' Mighty name I pray, Amen.


Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh Teri,
This is a wonderful post and you kids are adorable! I think I could use this prayer everyday in my life without a doubt, just going to work!
Oh how I wish we could have met while you were here I feel like we are kindred spirits!
Thank you for coming by the blog to see Betty and Arnold's sweet day. We so enjoyed putting it together and felt the day was just a blessing that was meant to be.
And in answer to your question about me considering being an event planner...yes without a doubt I think about it all the time and would do it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. But it’s a difficult business to make money at when you want a regular paycheck. Having said that, if I did ever get the chance, it would an answer to prayer.
Most sincerely, Terry

Traci Eccles said...

I love, I love, I love your back to school prayer :)

sister sheri said...

A prayer our Lord would long to answer.