Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Heart Doing Cartwheels!

Just a quick post to share how awesome God is! Like we didn't already know! : ) My heart is doing cartwheels and I'm feeling so giddy over the sovereignty of our God and thankful for answered prayers.

I got a call from my sister yesterday in WA state (over 2,000 miles away) and can't stop thinking about her joy, peace, and new found courage she is finally experiencing (so long over due). She has had a very rough year; has gone through trials I wouldn't wish on any one. Through all the real bad stuff that broke her down emotionally and physically, she has found a relationship with God; THIS IS THE REASON for my heart doing cartwheels! She's traded her "religion" we grew up with in for a real "relationship" with Jesus our Lord and SAVIOR. She's always known who God was, but never KNEW GOD. I'm so excited for her! WAIT - while I actually stand up and do a "happy dance" in celebration over my sister... the angels in heaven are also rejoicing!

Isn't it cool how God will allow us to get to the end of ourselves... we lose almost everything and then we can finally see how much we need Him. Once we put away are self sufficiency, He then can show himself in mighty ways as only He can. Yeah GOD! My sister is living in the middle of a miracle through her new faith in Christ, by His loving grace. I am thrilled for her and the journey she will continue on as she grows to know Him.

He has brought godly women to surround and encourage her and has led her to a wonderful church to shepherd her. She has plugged into a Bible study (Beth Moore- Breaking Free) and is soaking in God's Word. Thank you God for answered prayer for my sister I so dearly love! She's still got along way to go with her horrible year behind her and the circumstances still following her, but with you, Lord, nothing is impossible! I can't wait to hear all about the abundant blessings on my sister as she continues to surrender to the Lord and follow in his ways.

My sister and I

(photo taken April 2008 when she visited Texas from Washington State)

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for your love and for your perfect timing. Thank you that you never give up on us, even though much of the time we give up on you through unbelief, worry and pride.. You NEVER leave us nor forsake us no matter what! You love us beyond what our brains can comprehend! I pray for continued blessing over my sister, over her employment and financial situation, over the injustice in her life. You Lord, are ultimate judge, you provide all our needs, you truly are our EVERYTHING. Thank you that you will provide for my sister and her family double portion of all that has been lost in her life. I also pray for my other family members that don't know you; that I can be salt and light in their lives (long distance) and that you cross people in their paths that will reflect your goodness and love to help them come to know you, just like you did for my sister. You are awesome God, I lift up my banners in the name of the Lord in celebration of all your goodness. It's in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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