Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Scrapbook Project

I've been inspired to get the dust off my scrapbooking projects and finally work on updating them! Just a little info about my scrapbooking personality... I'm totally into it (when I "get to it"). I pretty much stick with Creative Memories product and style (I like journalizing in my own handwriting so my kids have that also as a memory and personal touch). I'm big into "theme books" (Christmas Albums, School Years, Birthday, Family Memories, Heritage, Wedding, Vacation, etc.); I have over 40 different scrapbooks -ranging in size- either in progress or needed to be started! I'm VERY behind on them right now, having allowed myself to get behind over the past 6 years.
... keeping up with scrapbooks can get overwhelming when a person let's everything pile up like I have over the years! But there's hope... I found a starting place and will take baby steps to get caught up.

I'm committed to "invest" in my children and family to work on the family scrapbooks this year so they know how special they are to me. This week, I'm working on my updating the smallest albums I have- one for each child- 4 total... their "BIRTHDAY ALBUMS" ... size 5 x 8 (sample of my oldest daughter's album below.)

The boys' albums are shades of blue, while the girls have pink and plum colored albums. Each year is reflected in a double page layout.

The kid's absolutely love looking at how they've grown and changed over the years. This album is fun to keep up with, too... The hardest part is going through memory cards and computer files to find the birhtday photos to get printed! UGH!

Never the less, I feel victory working on the 4 albums this week!!!

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Wils said...

what a lovely idea and good for you for hanging in there to get the job done! These will be so precious in years to come.

(Now, can I email my photo files and a few headings to you.....?!!! Seems a waste to reinvent the wheel this side of the pond and you're so good at scrapbooking....)