Friday, November 7, 2008

Sibling Fun...

On the way home from picking the kids up from their variety of school functions last night, the two older kids (Kelsie and Andrew) were reminiscing about when we lived in the states of Washington and Maine and experienced seasons of snow. Kelsie and Andrew miss the snowy weather... sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, snow ball fights, etc. The younger kids (Jessie and Joe) listened with interest to their "snow" stories. Jessie and Joe have no clue what fun the snow is, since as long as they can remember we've lived in either Florida or Texas where snow just really doesn't happen.

As the reminiscing continued, Andrew announced, "I remember when I almost got hypothermia!". Jessie asked, "What is hypothermia?" With out missing a beat, Andrew responded, "It's when you pick your nose too hard and DIE!". I couldn't help to laugh at his quick humor. Jessie began to fill with fear thinking about all her "near death" experiences picking her nose. After my little chuckle, we set Jessie straight on what hypothermia REALLY is; having nothing to do with picking your nose too hard. Jessie was quite relieved.

Andrew has a fun personality and enjoys teasing, tricking, and joking with his siblings all in fun. I can relate, since I used to do the same with my younger sister, Traci, and brother, Curtis when we were kids; sometimes teasing on the verge of torment... "all in fun", of course.

Traci and Curtis... if you read this post, I LOVE YOU and hopefully my teasing, tricking, and "fun" joking have not permanently damaged you! ... Except for Traci's fear of spiders... sorry about that, Traci ; )

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