Monday, November 17, 2008

Another weekend gone by!

Wow, where has the week and week-end gone! It has truly been a "blur" with most everyone in my house having been "under the weather" with some sort of illness from Monday thru Sunday (yesterday)... I was "down and out" yesterday with body aches and tiredness. And today, my oldest child, Kelsie, is staying home from school from being sick all weekend. Hopefully once she's recovered, we'll all be on the road to complete health again. As a mom, I feel so helpless when my family is sick. I pray for them, make them as comfortable as possible, and am extremely thankful for Tylonal and other pain medication products to help take the edge off.

As I was laid up yesterday not feeling well, I watched A LOT of HGTV. It was relaxing and a treat to "veg out" soaking in the different topics of home improvement... many of the shows I watched focused around "how to sell your house". I have to admit, watching these shows made me really inspired to get serious about "de-cluttering", updating certain areas, repainting, and "staging" my house. I figure if I start this process now, I'll be able to enjoy the fruit of my labor as the many tasks I need to do in the house will get done. As I begin the process now, the house will look great by summer 2011 when we will most likely be selling and moving away. Honestly, I'm ready to move away from here today!!! Corpus Christi just doesn't feel like home. We've lived in Texas 2 1/2 years and as hard as I've tried to make this experience in Corpus feel like a "home", it hasn't. HUMMMM, what's up with that? Well, being the expert "mover" that I've become (moving to over 16 addresses over the past 20 years; husbands' military career), I have the answer to "why this doesn't feel like home", but the answer is too long, that I will save it for another Blog some other day.

Prayer: Lord, help me be content right where you've put me. Help me understand that this void I'm experiencing of not feeling at "home" in Texas will serve your purposes. Thank you Lord for providing my every need and being my Everything. You are mighty and sovereign, Lord... I praise you and love you with all that I am. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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karin said...

As I read your post these words come to mind. "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through," and "I'm but a stranger here, heaven is my home." Be blessed!