Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Vacation~ Kids are Indoor Camping

It's school summer vacation (as of end of May)... the two older kids (Kelsie and Andrew) are keeping busy with odd jobs, volunteering, and hanging out with friends. The two younger kids (Jessie and Joe) have been swimming, playing PS2, and bickering at each other... they complain occasionally, "we're boooooored!".

As something fun and different, we decided to let the kids (Jessie and Joe) "camp" in their bedroom. We set up the portable tent (we bought it at Academy several years ago for 20 bucks)... we even put "stars" on the ceiling. They have "camped" all week and seem to have enjoyed themselves!

Jessie and Joe, Indoor Camping

We'll be going real camping as a family in July up at Canyon Lake (near San Antonio, TX).

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