Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing...

We've all heard the saying, "Too Much of a Good Thing, Isn't a Good Thing".

Yesterday I was reminded of this truth when I took my kids outside to fly some kites in our back yard for the "fun of it". Well, if you can believe this, it was too windy to fly the kites! Each attempt, each childs' kite would get a certain distance in the sky, then the wind would drive the kite straight into the ground. Attempt after attempt we continued to be defeated as we tried to stay out of the way as not to get hit by the each kite spearing down into the ground. The kids were frustrated, and Kirk and I were frustrated (as we untangled string out of palm trees and off fences). Perhaps the problem was we didn't know what we were doing; but I truly believe the problem was excessive wind. A "little" wind would have been much better than "a lot" of wind.

I began to think about the things in my life that are good things when I experience them in "little" amounts, but are not so good when there's "a lot".

Here's my personal list of
"Too Much of a Good Thing,
Isn't a Good Thing":

2 cups of morning coffee to start my day, "a good thing"...
...4-5 cups of morning coffee, "isn't a good thing"
(makes me jittery and nauseous)

On a regular day, I watch minimal TV, "a good thing"...
...the days I watch hours and hours of TV, "isn't a good thing"
(I feel lazy, defeated and discontent)

One glass of wine with a pasta dinner, "a good thing"...
...drinking the whole bottle of wine, ~could be a good thing~ but for me, "isn't a good thing"

I enjoy time on the Internet (Blogspot, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, etc), "a good thing"...
...when I spend too much time on the Internet, "isn't a good thing" (I am robbed of precious time; none of my regular jobs get done like giving attention to children and husband, working on laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Buying scrapbook supplies, fabric and craft supplies for upcoming projects, "a good thing"...
...buying excessive fabric, stock piling scrapbook and craft supplies because it's a good deal and/or I justify I might be able to use it in the future, "isn't necessarily a good thing" (I have so many unopened scrapbook and craft items as well as piles of fabric I am storing for a "future project", that I get overwhelmed with where to start. I run out of space in my home to store these items as well. Not to mention the projects that burden me I have started that remain unfinished because I keep adding more project supplies to my stash)

Eating portion controlled meals with a couple small low calorie snacks each day, "a good thing"...
...loading my plate up and going back for seconds, mindless snacking through the day to fill my sugar & carb cravings, and eating a large bowl of ice cream every night for dessert right before bed, "isn't a good thing"!!! (I am currently trying to lose 15-20 lbs I gained over the past 8 months because of my mindless over eating. This extra weight- on my small boned body frame- has robbed me of energy and has messed with my self esteem... it's a drag, literally!)

I'm sure I could keep going on, but these are a few that I deal with at this current time in my life. The weight issue was one of those realities that recently crept up on me and caught me off guard. Last year I felt high energy and fed my body with healthy foods. I was faithful in monitoring my calorie and water intake and portion control (through a food journal); I also was very active with balanced exercise. Right around September, I stopped journaling and paying attention to my food consumption. Not a big deal, because I was actually still pretty disciplined~ until the holidays (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)... too much of a good thing (HIGH CALORIE FOOD)!... I also had stopped exercising (around Sept). I have gone from 128 lbs in July to 148 lbs as of last week. I hadn't weighed myself regularly over the past 8 months, but did realize I was gaining weight as my clothes were fitting snug. I didn't think much of it because I am comfortable in my skin and who I am. It wasn't until I went to a cheer leading banquet for my daughter Kelsie that I realized how I had let myself go. A photo was taken of the two of us, and when I saw the photo, I about died! I looked "thick"... my face was rounder than normal! As I began to think it through, some vanity set in, but mostly it was about the "Awe-Ha moment" of connecting my lack of energy to this weight gain. DAH! (was I in denial that I was actuall putting it on???)

July 2008... 128lbs (had high energy)

March 2009 ... 148 lbs (have low energy)

The realization - with seeing the above photo- is what I needed to kick myself back on track to a healthier eating and exercise life style. Since then, I have gone back to monitoring portion control and food journaling. I also plan to begin a consistent exercise plan with the hopes to get my energy back to normal. The past number of months I don't have energy because I haven't been exercising (gaining extra weight), and I haven't been exercising because I don't have the energy... I vicious cycle it is! I really need to focus on limiting my mindless eating as I enjoy eating high calorie food. REMEMBERING~

"Too Much of a Good Thing, Isn't a Good Thing"!

Prayer: Lord help me honor you as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to you. As I commit my healthier eating and exercise to you, please help me to be successful in my efforts through your strength and power. Please help to resist the temptations of over indulging in high calorie foods and in my various poor eating choices as well as the temptation to not be consistent in an exercise plan. I thank you in advance for the victory you will give me in this area of my life. I also lift anyone else up in prayer who is reading this blog post and is wanting to live a healthier lifestyle; you know their needs as they read this post- I ask you, Lord, interceed on their behalf and give them everything they need to experience victory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Wils said...

Thanks for this Teri - I really appreciate your honesty. I've whapped right up the scales over recent years and feel I'm fighting a looser over it and it's really getting me down. You've given me a bit of inspiration here sister. Thankyou.

Suzanne said...

What a great reminder to ourself. You list could almost be my list.
I remember really praying for help to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle back in 2000. It worked, but unfortunately when I over indulged again, I am again seeking help.