Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TEXAS in March

Gotta love south Texas in the winter!

Our pool is officially open as of February 27!

The flowers in the yard provide beauty
and the perfect tropical oasis...

The palm trees look awesome against the
backdrop of a clear or cloudy sky.
The weather temperatures in February-March
are nice and warm (often in the 80's F),
but not too hot yet... humidity is still on the low side.
Not to mention the beach... which will
be packed with "spring breakers" over the
next couple weeks!

The only sad thing about Texas in March is we don't have our families and close friends here to enjoy it with us (they all live elsewhere).
Come for a visit, ya'all!

(My Mom and Dad WILL be here next month from WA state! YEAH... can't wait!)


Ali said...

Oh, I'm so excited ... I head to Houston on Saturday for St Patrick's Day. I hope the weather is all that you promise .....


Page said...

Hi Teri! Don't you just love the weather down here?! Your pictures are great - our community pool isn't open yet, but I'm waiting with towel in hand...

Thanks for adding my site to your Blogroll list! I have been checking and reading yours too, and I showed Barbara how to find your blog and Myspace page. I think she was interested in joining Facebook even! It was great to talk with you last Saturday, it's always nice to meet new people in the area. :) Thanks again!