Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"To-Do" Lists Help Keep Me Focused!

I'm a person that tends to go in multiple directions by nature and have a tendency to be a scatter brain when I don't have a written plan of action to look over.  I've learned from an early age to write my goals, make "to-do" lists, etc..   When I don't have "to-do"  tasks written out, they often times don't get done in a timely manner or not even at all!

An intelligent person aims at wise action,
but a fool starts off in many directions.
Proverbs 17:24 (Good News Translation- GNT)
The above verse is my memory verse for the next couple weeks.  I chose this verse because it shouts at me with encouragement! Yes, I have been a fool in the past "a fool in many directions", and hope this year, I will be an "intelligent person" who "aims at wise action".  I am back to faithful "to-do" lists this year (short term and long term) and written goals.  Each memory verse I choose is written in a spiral notebook that I keep close for quick reference.  I am excited to experience the victory of marking off tasks from my "to-do" lists as they get accomplished.

As far as memorizing Scripture~ I am so excited Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT) is back for 2013!  Siesta Mama, Beth Moore, started SSMT through her blog community in 2009.  We have made a team every other year since the 2009 with this year our third.  [If you are interested in joining the memory verse team, HERE is the link for instructions]

As part of the team, all who commit to be involved for the year, memorizes a Scripture of their choice on the 1st and 15th of each month.  We are encouraged not to JUST memorize the written word, but to plant the word (scripture) so deep in our hearts that we live it out in our daily lives.  For me, memorizing Scripture keeps me grounded, balanced and spiritually healthy; my goal is to reflect the character of Christ as much as I can and give Him the honor and glory.

OK, enough blogging, it's time to go conquer my "TO-DO'S" for today!

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