Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Change Requires Change!

Shrink-a-Versary Challenge with the Sisterhood!

Today is WEDNESDAY and my day to "weigh-in" for the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans Challenge. I really wasn't looking forward to the report of my scale, those big digital numbers that somehow influence my mood. I stepped on the scale, and I knew deep down the report wouldn't be good since I did absolutely nothing this past week to make any changes in my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity (exercise). Sure enough, as I looked down at those big red colored numbers, the report wasn't good... I gained back 2.5 lbs this week from the 3.5 lb. weight loss from last Wednesday. I'm still down 1 lb, from when I originally started this challenge (on Nov. 4)... but with a sigh of defeat, I say to myself, "That's is a new day; I'm not going to be discouraged. I can still do this." (Phil 4:13) As of today, I choose to get on track to lose 2 lbs a week for the next couple months only by taking control and making some changes. (Matt 6:33)

I sat down and made a list of my health habits that aren't good; things I know I need to change to be more healthy. I made an action plan for each bad habit and will implement them full force this week. These "ACTION PLANS" are goals that are deliberate to move me forward. I will keep a journal in a spiral notebook for better accountability and follow through. Hopefully my list and journaling will help me be more focused as well.

Since I'm getting this post done late, I won't include my "list" or "ACTION PLANS" until next Wednesday (more typing than I'm in the mood to do right now). Hopefully next week, I'll share a good report on my progress and how well this new direction is working!

One thing I recognize through my struggles this week and actually this year~ If I want to make changes in improving my health, I must make some changes.

No more just talking about it...


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