Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kitchen Renovation~

This was a big project (as they all seem to turn out to be). We got the bulk of the work done in about 5 weeks where we were displaced from using the space for that time. At the 5 week point we had finished the floors and installed the cabinets, leaving the counter tops to be installed and the detail work to be completed (like crown molding, floor and door trim, etc.).

We started our Kitchen Renovation in July 2011 and were completely finished in October 2011.

  • Kitchen is a "U" shaped kitchen that is approximately 13' x 12'
  • We had a new dishwasher given to us from our Home Purchase Electrical Inspection (Budd Electric) when one of the workers accidently blew out the old dishwasher. They are a company in Corpus Christi of high integrity; thank you Budd Electric- you all are top rate!
  • We also had a fairly new refrigerator , so we didn't need to replace that either.
  • We did however, purchase a new double oven/stove with a matching mounted microwave (which is included in our budget). The oven/stove is in the "before" photos because the previous home owners took their old oven.
  • We took the room down to studs so we could add proper R-13 insulation.
  • All outdated electrical and plumbing was updated.
  • Wood Laminate Floors~ Lumber Liquidators
  • Solid Maple Cabinets~ (RTA, dove tailed, anti slam drawer feature, euro hinges, raised panel)
  • Granite Counter Tops~ Corpus Christi Solid Surfaces
  • Tumbled Travertine Backsplash~ DIY by Teri
BUDGET= $10,000.
ACTUAL= $10,037. (OVER by just $37.)
Our "sweat equity" value on this project had we hired everything out ... ??? We can only guess!

Since we have so many photos of this project,
I selected some of the highlights in this video.


Angela @ farragio said...

I really enjoyed your slideshow. The transformation is beautiful. Well done!

Chase Conely said...

Five weeks of hard work is all worth it, once you see the outcome of your renovation project. Those solid maple cabinets are excellent choice. Maple is a pretty sturdy material. I am sure those cabinets will be with you for a long time.

Brian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


Betti-Hopefully said...

Bitte hilf mir mit meinem blog ,das wäre echt lieb ,du hast so einen tollen Blog und so viele leser ,das möchte ich auch! Auch wenn ich meinen Blog erst seit gestern habe :p Dankeschön schonmal ,ich hoffe du schaust mal bei mir vorbei und hilfst mr ,vielleicht gefällt es dir ja ,dankeschön waäre wirrklich wirklich lieb:)