Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm a "glass half full" kind of gal. I challenge myself to find the positive in every negative. However, I've realized there are certain things in my life that I have trouble finding the positive. No matter how I look at it, these things make me want to yell, "UGH"!!!

  • Scooping dog poop from the yard (we have a German Shepherd, and she has BIG poop).
  • Trying to peel a boiled egg that refuses to be pealed.
  • Fire ant bites, chigger bites, mosquito bites... ANY bug bite that hurt or itch.
  • Going to the dentist for any kind of dental work (I know~ there's a lot of positive to fixing my teeth... but still- "UGH!").
  • Slow motion grocery store check out lines (especially when I have ice cream in the cart).
  • The outrageous price of toilet paper. (Maybe I should look into a bidet?... how many trees would we save not using toilet paper... how much $$$ would my 6 person household save a year?... not to mention all the times my kids plug the septic line with using too much tp... Hummm)
  • People who throw lit cigarette butts out their car window while driving (somewhat common in Corpus and YES, the start of many of our fires!).
This is a list of my "UGHS".
How about you?
Any things make me want to yell, "UGH"!!!


Suzanne said...

I too like tho see the positive in negatives, but dog poo, THE DENTIST and our always Mr Nobody who leaves the toilet roll empty and never replaces it :)

Color me blingy! said...

UGH : Living in the 21st century and still being asked at work, "Is there a man that can help me? I have some technical questions, hun." POSITIVE THOUGHT: I have made the road a little easier for those gals stepping into my shoes in a male-dominated job. :)

UGH: Tourist drivers that drive coastal highway 101 (one lane each direction) and go 30 miles per hour in a 55 MPH zone....ALL THE WAY to the next town! POSITIVE THOUGHT: These folks have to eat, play, buy trinkets to take home and they need to sleep somewhere while here. All of these businesses need paint and that makes it so that I have a job. :)

UGH: to the day I began to realize people had gone from calling me "Miss" to calling me "Ma'am" because I look more like a Ma'am these days than a Miss. POSITIVE THOUGHT: The Lord has blessed me with every say that I have had!! :)

UGH:(Sigh) The moments in life where I sound like my mother. POSITIVE THOUGHT: Thankful that I have had a great relationship with my mother and that the Lord has blessed her with long life so that we have more time to spend together. :)

UGH: To teaching my teenagers to drive!! POSITIVE THOUGHT: Once they learn, I can send them on errands and accomplish so much more in a day! :)

UGH: To the world having so many problems and people with so many personal issues/struggles. POSITIVE THOUGHT: What greater time in history than now in which to share the love of Christ with those around us! :)

These are just off the top of my head. If I think of more, I will share those as well. What a great little activity! Thanks for asking others to respond!

iamcrystal said...

Same thing here with toilet papers. A lot of our company expenses go for toilet papers. And it's freaking very expensive already. Thus, we're now considering buying a bidet. This would be better, right?