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Graduation, Birthday, & Retirement...

Family Updates~ Summer 2011

Where has the summer gone... it seems like it was just May, and now it's already August! I reflect on the summer 2011 that has been filled with many memories, fun times, and life changes.

Our oldest, Kelsie, Graduates from High School with honors!
May 2011
Kelsie graduates as Salutatorian with friend Cassidy, Valedictorian. (Their High School had approximately 250 graduating Seniors)
Kelsie did awesome on her speech. She didn't share what she was going to say with us until we heard it first hand at the graduation; her speech was heart warming and God honoring. We are so proud of her and the woman she is becoming.

Kelsie's Grandma and Grandpa came from Oregon state to share in her special occasion!

Joe, our youngest, turns 7!!! July 9.

Fun Times at the Beach!
Kelsie and Jessie have morbid fun. (hint: one big hole, one smaller hole, and just the perfect camera angle)

...feeding the seagulls is always fun.

Kirk and I celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary this summer...
Can you believe we met on a blind date in the summer of 1983 and have been together ever since!
(a total of 28 years)

First Day of School, July 18th.
Jessie (4th grade), Joe (2nd grade), Andrew (10th grade)
Kelsie not pictured, will be starting college classes August 24.
Our little fixer upper house is surrounded by farm fields; this season the harvest is cotton! We took a bunch of pictures to include one in this year's Christmas cards.

Kirk ends his 20 year military career with his last flight as a Navy Pilot/Flight Instructor on July 22. The last flight is called a "Finny Flight".
Kirk ends his Navy career in a TC-12 with a total of over 5,500 multiengine flight hours.
His multiengine time as a Navy Pilot also includes flying the P-3 and T-34.
The tradition of a finny flight is to water down the pilot as he departs the plane; usually with a fire hose as we did here. As his family, we took the honor to hose him!

Another tradition is to spray the pilot down with champaign. Kirk's Navy buddies did this honor.

After all the hoopla outside, we went to the hanger for a simple retirement ceremony. Kirk's "official" retirement is October 1, but since this was his "finny flight", he opted to have his ceremony at this point to include his Navy buddies from the Reserve Department.

Kirk is honored by his Squadron~ he receives several certificates, a Meritorious Service Medal, a Photo Board signed by his Navy buddies, and this very neat shadow box.

We all got certificates of recognition, but the man of honor is Kirk Roman Wymore!
We are so proud of you, Kirk.
Now that Kirk is retiring from the Navy, his hope is to continue to fly as a civilian pilot (God providing the perfect flying job for him). We also hope to invest in rental properties and possibly a couple flip houses.

Remodeling our "fixer upper" has consumed much of our time in between our family events this summer. The day after Kirk's "finny flight" (Sat, July 23) we began demolition on our kitchen which has turned into a project much like a full-time job! ...thank goodness Kirk is on paid vacation for the next couple month so we can work on the house full time!

In two truck loads we discarded our entire kitchen (minus the appliances which are all in new & good condition and will be re-used). Renovation Updates- "AFTER" pictures on Living Room, Hallways, Dining Room and Kitchen will be posted on this blog soon.

Kelsie getting ready for her road trim to College; she willll be attending Lee University in Tennessee. God blessed Kelsie (and us, her parents) with a "Centennial Scholarship" (full tuition paid for qualifying ACT test score). Kelsie has also been accepted in the Lee Honors Program (1 of 22 students out of 900 incoming freshman). Kelsie plans to explore the Medical and Christian Ministries fields- double majoring in Health Sciences to someday become a PA and also in Spanish, minor in Theology.

...getting her bedroom packed up.
will it all fit in her car? It's a tight fit, for sure!

Tennessee or BUST~ Kelsie and her Dad hit the road early (6:30 am) Wednesday for a long 2 days of driving. Kirk will attend parent orientation and several other events while Kelsie registers for classes, meets her new room-mate, and gets settled in her new college life. Kirk will fly home Sunday morning.
Kelsie loves her new school already!
Classes for our new College Freshman begin August 24, 2011.

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Laura said...

WOW you have been busy!! Congratulations on all the big events!!
I love that photo on the beach of the headless person!! Brilliant:-) it made me laugh out loud.
Glad Kelsie has settled into college, it must be strange though for you, not to have her around the place. You sure can be proud of her, she seems like a lovely young lady:-)
I am looking forward to some photos of the kitchen....and just will be worth it all when it´s finished.

I love following your home projects so I´m excited to see what the kitchen will be like.
It´s been great reading your update:-) xox Keep them coming!