Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Royalty in the House

This past week was exciting with the Birthday of my daughter, Jessie, and the Homecoming nomination of my daughter, Kelsie, to be on Homecoming Court for her High School (one of 5 Senior Class girls chosen). On the same day as Jessie's Birthday was the Homecoming Game and announcement of the "Homecoming Queen". We sat with the audience as each couple walked across the football field, then through a formation of Jr. ROTC members holding their swords in the form of a large tunnel.

Kelsie and Robin Wymer walked together, a Senior football player. Often, the school office thinks these two students are related because when pronounced, not looking at the spelling, the last names sound very much the same (Wymore and Wymer). Kelsie and Robin walked together last year as well, when they were both nominated as the Junior Class Homecoming Prince and Princess.

After much anticipation, The announcement was made...
and this year's "Homecoming Queen...(pause)

Jessie~ "Queen for the Day" for her Birthday...
Kelsie~ "Queen of Homecoming"

I reflected back to 1981 when I was crowned "Homecoming Queen" of my small school in Washington state; seems a lifetime ago, really!

Through it all, I thought about the feeling most girls get when they're recognized as royalty (whether it's as a princess in some fashion or crowned queen for something special). I thought about how many of us base our value on what other people think; their approval or disapproval. What most don't realize, is we all belong to the "King of Kings" and are royalty in His eyes.

I am proud of Kelsie in her humbleness. As she was crowned Queen for Homecoming this past weekend, it did not and has not gone to her head; she actually seemed a bit uncomfortable with all the attention. Kelsie has a solid relationship with Christ- something I did not have at her age. She knows in her heart that it is not humans recognition and approval of her that gives her value, but the Lord's recognition and approval of her that matters. She has an audience of ONE, a child belonging to The King of Kings, the Creator of all things. This kind of royalty is one that outshines any other. Thank You, God, we are ALL royalty in YOU!

All these beautiful ladies of "royalty" below are some of Kelsie's close friends. (picture taken at the Homecoming Dance)

Andrew and Kelsie.

(we're so blessed they are as much best friends as they are brother and sister!)


Color me blingy! said...

That was indeed a blessed day for your family, Sista'! Thanks for the reminder that I am a Princess to an audience of One. I needed that encouragement today. Through life's ups and downs, the enemy has been working hard to discourage me, but I know that the King of King has already won this battle as well as any others that may come my way.So glad that He saw to it that we should be friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kelsie from your Aunt Betty in Oregon.