Friday, February 12, 2010

...home renovation

We are simultaneously working on the kids' bedrooms of our ranch style house, totally gutting all three of them! The past couple days I've been focusing on my 16 yea old daughter, Kelsie's room; the one with the lovely sponged walls.

Everyday a little more progress; everyday some SURPRISES.

SURPRISE! I love this vintage wall paper!
Although it is coming down, I am saving some to use as a background in a framed collage of some sort (still brainstorming ideas).

After pulling up the old carpet, there were two layers of carpet pads. One stapled on top of an older yellow foam pad glued down. Thank God for a floor scraper to get the glued one up!

Just for the heck of it, I got some Mineral Spirits and steel wool pads to scrub a patch of the glue off. WOW, to my SURPRISE the floor looks pretty good. (Especially visualizing their beauty once they get sanded, stained, and varnished). I'm hoping my teenager will want to have her bedroom floor re-finished to show off the original floor rather than put the berber carpet down that we had talked about. I'll have to test my skills of persuasion on her.

I'll post more and be sure to keep revealing pictures as we progress (before and after)! I can't wait to start showing the "AFTER" pictures!

A few friends asked me about the rest of the house... Yes, we will be renovating the entire house with a timeline of one year. The kids' rooms are first so they can get moved in (we're sleeping in a travel trailer right now). Our goal is to be complete with the 3 bedrooms by mid March. This includes having all new windows installed on the entire house in the next couple weeks. After the bedrooms, we'll be conquering the two bathrooms- one at a time! Talk about scary "before" pictures! Check back and you'll see what I mean.

This house is a labor of love and I have to say, I'm feeling obsessed about renovating and decorating it- in a good way. I like the good SURPRISES, too!


Lisa said...

There's nothing like beautiful wood floors. (They're easier to keep clean too.) Maybe using a large oval braided rug on top of the wood floor would be acceptable to Kelsie . . .

Kristopher Diss said...

Those hardwood floors are precious! We're currently renovating our house as well, and I'm happy to know that we have good hardwood floors at home. Maybe in two weeks' time, we'll be able to see our newly-renovated home. =)