Friday, March 15, 2013

SSMT Verse #6

I just heard a great sermon by Skip Heitzig on called, "The Right Thing, The Wrong Way".  He talked about our motives behind our actions.  The sermon really got me thinking about the many things I do in life thinking it's the right thing, to realize later I went about it the wrong way [with the wrong motives].
My newest SSMT verse will be Proverbs 16:2~

My prayer is that as I plant this truth in my heart, God will give me a fresh awareness to areas I need to surrender to Him.  I pray He guides my motives for His kingdom good.  The part of this verse that says, "motives are weighed by the Lord", I visualize a balancing scale where He places each motive I have on the scale to "weigh" it's intention.  Is my motive heavy in self promotion & meeting self needs to make life more comfortable?  Or is it heavy in Lord focus, meeting the will of God in my life to build good character, and meeting Kingdom needs? I want the side of the scale for the Lord to out weigh the side of the scale that is for me. May my motives be focused on Jesus and His glory alone.

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