Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Party~

Our first born child, Kelsie, turns 18!...

...she is always full of smiles.

We wanted to surprise Kelsie with a party of her closest friends from school. They arrived at the front door, yelled 'SURPRISE"...

...and then were off to the Corpus Christi Party Bus for an evening of fun-
"Clubb'in Kelsie style".

1st stop- "Chick fil a" for dinner.
We had Chicken "Club" Sandwich meals!

On our way to the beach~

Kelsie was born in Corpus Christi (1993) and her first place she lived was Beach Club Apartments... (this beach was where I walked frequently when I was pregnant with Kelsie)

Blowing bubbles on the beach! How much fun is that?

Mom (me) and Kelsie

Kelsie loves her friends and cherishes each one of them!
Friends Forever!

Time to load back in the Party Bus!
We played a game where everyone's shoes were put in a plastic garbage bag and we were partnered off so that our next stop each partner had to find the others' shoes for them... hopefully each person noticed what was on everyone's feet!

...finding our shoes!

Our last destination, "SCOOPZ". This is a frozen yogart place the kids go before youth group at church or just for the fun of it for a special sweet treat.

...back at the house... our evening coming to an end.

..the kids were given party bags containing a variety of things including a voter's registration application and a $2 scratch off lottery ticket. Out of 15 teenagers, only one person won from their lottery ticket ($5.00). LESSON LEARNED- lottery may be fun, but it is a waste of money (the majority of the time). Once you're 18, if you play the lottery, play responsibly.

Maddy and Kelsie.
Kelsie was given a "CLUB" signed by her friends to keep as a remembrance of her night of "Clubb'in" on her 18th birthday.

Once Kelsie's friends went home, we had our "family celebration" with a sampler cheese cake!

Happy Birthday, Kelsie!


Traci Eccles said...

Awwwww, what awesome memories!! I wish you were MY mom...oh, no offense mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsie, Happy Birthday from your great great aunt Betty from Oregon. Love ♥

Laura said...

Congratulations with Kelsie. Looks like she had a great party:-) It´s so important to have good friends, glad she has some special people in her life:-) So Teri are you feeling old??? haha - well you don´t look old enough to have an 18 year old daughter!!!

Laura said...

P.S. I loved seeing all the photos!!